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Welcome to Orta! 

<s>No, seriously, if any of you have a suggestion for a name, let me know.  For my last campaign I just cribbed location names from Guild Wars.</s>


Anyway!  Orta is the land of the campaign, a vast, geographically diverse and politically fractured region.  Ever since some…thing happened, referred to as The Cataclysm, the region has never been the same.  It's not that no one really understands what The Cataclysm did.  It did a lot of things.  The problem is no one knows what caused it, and ever since it struck, the region has been trying, and failing, to pick up its pieces and rebuild.  What would it need to succeed?  Is success possible?  What would success even look like?  These questions and more have become every day struggles for so many, but the answers are coming.  One way or another, they are coming.


A brief history cobbled together from various histories The Academy and The Guild of Song and Blade.  

Notable Figures

A collection and summary of notable figures who are either unattached to any particular group/institution or greater than the group/institution they are attached to.

Power Centers of Note

A listing of points of stability, figures of influence and power brokers in Orta.


A collection and brief summary of the religious institutions, guilds/merchant houses, adventuring parties/mercenary groups, and other notable associations in Orta.


An appendix of various locales in Orta.

The Song of the Lands

The archives of the The Song of the Lands, the regularly updated circulars and dramas detailing events across Orta.

Quest Log

A running log of all quests and things of interest, past and present, because these things are useful.

Party Bonds

Bonds that players have set up between their characters and other player characters.

Notable Miscellanea

Curiosities and uncategorical objects of interest.

RP Transcripts

Transcripts of party conversations with NPCs that originally happened via text chat in Discord outside of regular sessions. They are archived here so anyone can read the full conversation without having to dig through the chat history.

Main Page

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