News Of The Hour!

Lord Graverstein seeks to circumnavigate the continent!  Seeks foreign queen as his bride!

Reports say Lord Graverstein's fleet is nearing completion and seeking hands for his expedition across the Sea of Sundering!  Official word is he's seeking opportunities for trade for his royal house across the sea, free of of the guilds to prove himself as heir.  Rumour has it he's been known to speak of The Queen of Roses across the sea and hopes to make her his bride!

Gond partners with Abyssal fiends!  Works on machines to cost honest men their professions!

Reports say the foul, black smoke pouring from workhouses of Gond is no coincidence!  If the machines being produced seem frightening and otherworldly, it's for good reason!  The Gondites are building replacements for hard working heads of family to hoard all the value of honest work for themselves!  Don't have news cried to you, they say, pay us for cheap, fragile papers you have to read yourselves while we line our pockets!  Take a stand against infernal machinations!  Stop your tithes to Gond today!

Fire in the adventurer’s quarter!  Arson suspected!  Guard looking into disturbance as time permits!

Reports say a fire broke out just by The Penniless Inn, famous den of drifters and ne'er do wells!  The fire raged, unstoppable for untold time before finally being stopped!  "No doubt some reckless trouble brought upon us by adventures."  Said captain Rafiq of the guard!  Nevertheless, they'll look into it as time permits!  "We heard report of a very peculiar bear, after all."  The captain continued.  "We have to be prepared to keep honest citizens safe!"

Kord is with us, who can stand against us, says adventurer militia marching on steppes!

Insisting a saint of Kord walks the lands, noted scourge and looter Talmouth has said it's proof of divine support for his followers, and none can stand against them!  Despite insistence by actual priests of Kord who say, "That's not what that means.  That's not what that means at all," Talmoth has begun preparing to recover a legendary treasure from the steppes!  Good riddance!

Counterfeit barrels leech toxins into water!  Cooper’s guild destroying supply for good of all!

"You see it all the time," says Guild President Toubkai, "someone gets the idea in their head that they don't need coopers.  How hard can it be to make a barrel?  Then they try.  Then the barrels leak, leach or let in what they're supposed to keep out, so they use shortcuts.  Well, this is what you get from that."  He said, referring to the recent spate of illness tracked down to food and drink stored in counterfeit barrels.  "Look for the guild's seal.  If you don't see it, don't buy.  It's not worth the few copper you might save."  Sage advice!  Reports say the last of the counterfeit barrels are to be destroyed in the coming days!

Stageplay, “The Celestial Romance” tomorrow night at Hall of Blade and Song!

According to reports, the capstone performance of the masterclass at the Hall of Blade and Song have pulled out all the stops for what they promise is a groundbreaking performance full of divine revelations!  You've heard of the celestial dance of the goddesses Sehanine and Mayaheine as they make their way across the sky night after night, now come see the story!  There'll be action!  There'll be drama!  There'll be romance!  What more can you want?!  Tickets are first come first serve for the commons, so be sure to get in early!

Personal study of Magistrate Theron attacked!  One book stolen!  Fifth trove of knowledge attacked this month!

According to reports, the personal library of Magister Theron was attacked by a mysterious assailant!  No one remembers any details of the assault, only that they suddenly found themselves falling to the ground for no reason, hours missing from their last memory!  The only victim seems to have been a rare book from Magister Theron's personal study!  This is the fifth study, library or other collection of knowledge this month!  Can anyone stop this book thief?!  Magister Theron has offered a staggering reward of 500 gold for the return of his missing property and another 500 for the capture of the thief!  The Thieves Guild was sought for comment but could not be found!

That Which Once had Never Been

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